Challenge 25

This is an introduction to Challenge 25, explaining why we’re doing it and who we’re doing it in aid of. This will set the scene for blogs in the future about our activities and events which are all part of our year of celebration.

Lesley, (my beautiful wife) and I decided to do something different for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Partly because we didn’t really fancy the big old-fashioned party, partly because we really couldn’t stand the thought of ending up with lot’s of Silver items that we’d never use – think trays, cake slices and photo frames and I think you’ll be with us! – but mostly because we figured we could do some good and have some fun too!

We already knew our “Big Adventure” – the Great Wall of China trek – was organised (more on that to come in later posts) so the idea of doing more activities over the course of our 25th anniversary year seemed like a better idea than just asking the same people to sponsor us over and over again.

The choice of charity was pretty straight forward – we’ve both got a real soft spot for the work of The Kiltwalk initially because it was started by Carey, who I had known from work. Then last year Lesley, Jamie (No. 1 son) and I walked the Hampden to Loch Lomond Kiltwalk with a team from Tesco Bank, and in the run up we got to know more about the charities and hear the individual stories of courage and stubbornness from the fantastic children and their families who benefit from it and were hooked. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but a huge part of my passion for the charity is simply that I have been blessed enough not to have needed to rely on them. It was also the Kiltwalk who first planted the seed of the Great Wall of China trek.

So, it was soon a done deal. Our 25th Anniversary year; a bunch of activities – some stretching us personally or jointly and some just to have some fun; all to raise a wee bit of cash for a fantastic cause along the way.

We’ve aimed at a target of “25” hundred pounds (£2500) and hope to have met or exceeded this by the end of our 25th year on 13th May, 2014.

If you’re interested you can catch up with challenges, events and our progress at Challenge-25